Alliance with Invest in SV

In a strategic move to boost economic development in El Salvador, the Salvadoran American Chamber of Commerce has announced an unprecedented collaboration with Invest in SV. This is to seek opportunities to promote growth within the Salvadoran business community.

The collaboration was formalized during an event organized by the Salvadoran-American Chamber of Commerce in association with Invest in SV. At this event, the joint commitment to support the vision and leadership of the president of Invest in SV, Salvador Gómez, was highlighted. The initiative also received crucial support from President Nayib Bukele.


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The Salvadoran-American Chamber of Commerce, with its focus on exploring business opportunities between El Salvador and the United States, joins Invest in SV, a platform dedicated to promoting investment and economic development in the country. Together, these organizations will seek to identify and take advantage of new business opportunities, as well as facilitate the flow of investments that contribute to the sustainable economic growth of El Salvador.

The collaboration between the Salvadoran-American Chamber of Commerce and Invest in SV represents a firm commitment to the economic development and prosperity of El Salvador. Working together is expected to stimulate trade, promote investment and generate a positive impact on the country's economy and business community.


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